• Solar Electricity made easy

    Now everyone can join the solar revolution!

    Starting from one panel on with a revolutionary plug&play and modular approach

    Place it on your garage or balcony

    Installation takes less than 5 min ​

    The Supersola is sold ready to use. All that is needed is to place it in the sun, open the collapsible Solar Panel and plug it in a socket.

    No expertise needed whatsoever

    Start with one, two, or ten!

    Link Supersola's to other Supersola's within a minute! ​

    The Supersola can also be connected to other Supersola's, thereby directly increasing the amount of electricity produced, you can directly connect up to 15 Supersola's!

    or use our wiring set to connect thousands of Supersola's to supply your company or event with your own Solar Energy


    Take it when you move

    Easy for logistics, transport and storage​

    In the design a connecting system is integrated to create a highly stable stack by simply placing several Supersola's on top of each other. Furthermore the solar panel and all electronics are safely guarded to prevent transport damages

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